At Richmond Psychotherapy you can find space to make sense of thoughts, feelings and relationships, accompanied by a professionally qualified and experienced psychotherapist. Based in a confidential and calm setting in either South-West London or the City there is a place for you to do something a little different that can lead to understanding, healing and a richer experience of life. I also to work on a broader geographical basis – and internationally – online, via Zoom.

I offer confidential psychotherapy and counselling to individuals and couples in order to help with a wide range of issues. Please browse the website to get an idea of how I might be able to help you. You are welcome to telephone or email to discuss your situation or to set up an initial consultation. All communications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

What sort of problems might psychotherapy help me with?

People usually come to psychotherapy or counselling when they are struggling with some form of emotional difficulty. These might include:

  • feeling stressed or anxious
  • lacking a sense of purpose or meaning in life
  • feeling depressed, sad or empty
  • an awareness of low self-confidence or a sense of not achieving enough
  • struggling to make or sustain good relationships
  • a growing awareness of unresolved issues from the past or from childhood
  • issues relating to sex, sexuality or gender identity
  • problems at work
  • family conflicts
  • coming to terms with losses such as bereavement or redundancy
  • making a major life-transition such as marriage, childbirth or retirement
  • struggling with addiction or an eating disorder
  • spiritual or religious issues
  • psychosomatic difficulties and chronic ill health

However, you don’t need to be struggling to come to psychotherapy. People also come because they are curious about themselves and about the world around them.

Psychotherapy or counselling will provide you with a reliable, safe and confidential space where you can think about the things that are causing you distress. You can speak about whatever is on your mind; we may explore current issues, relationships, dreams, or we may focus on the nature of the relationship between us. The process aims to help you connect more deeply with yourself, discover new ways of approaching life and embrace whatever the future holds for you.

On the following pages you will find further information about my way of working, training and clinical experience, together with some practical information about fees and how to contact me.