Links to Professional bodies

British Psychoanalytic Council

Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis

The C. G. Jung Club, London

Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling

The Society of Analytical Psychology

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and Counselling

WPF Therapy


Links to Research and information

An extended article from the Guardian comparing CBT and psychotherapy

The report of a trial comparing psychotherapy with other treatments currently available in the NHS for depression

Making sense of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, an introductory booklet by the British Psychoanalytic Council

Getting the most out of your therapy, an article from the Huffington Post

A New York Times article about the finding and copying of Jung’s Red Book

The first of a series of eight articles by psychotherapist and philosopher, Dr Mark Vernon, introducing Carl Jung and his ideas

The Philemon Foundation, contemporary publishers of the works of C. G. Jung, furthering research and supporting public lectures

Phanes – a Journal and network for Jung History


Colleagues working in London

Lisa Home

Elena Kantor

Ruth Osborne

Rebecca Neale

Kfir Yefet