Evidence suggests that rather than technique or theoretical orientation, the relationship between you and your psychotherapist has one of the greatest impacts on the success of the work that you do in your therapy.

I have a professional qualification in psychodynamic psychotherapy from WPF Therapy, following preliminary studies at Regent’s University. This form of therapy finds its roots in the explorations of the unconscious made by Sigmund Freud, enriched and deepened by an understanding of human growth, development and patterns of relating to others. I have also been deeply influenced by the life and work of Carl Jung. He had a profound respect for the individual and the wisdom that lies buried within each of us, beyond psychological theories, labels or diagnosis. Jung’s distinctive development of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis is called Analytical Psychology.

I am often asked about my therapeutic method. I cannot reply unequivocally to the question. Therapy is different in every case…I treat every patient as individually as possible, because the solution of the problem is always an individual one.
C.G. Jung

Further study and training has encouraged me to use insights from Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFST) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I also offer group sessions to organisations in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), an effective way of dealing with low-mood, depression, anxiety or stress in everyday life and in the workplace.

In addition to my formal training as a psychotherapist I have had many years of intensive psychotherapy myself. This means I have a sense of some of the hopes and worries you may experience when embarking on  a course of psychotherapy or counselling.

Alongside psychotherapy, I have long-standing experience in pastoral and spiritual work. I hold degrees from Roehampton, Oxford and London Universities in the areas of English Literature and Theatre Studies, Theology, Spirituality and Mysticism.

Over the last two decades I have worked with a wide variety of people, respecting diversity and aiming to adopt an unbiased and accepting approach when engaging with areas of difference in whatever area they occur. I have worked extensively with those who are undergoing their own training as counsellors or psychotherapists.

I am registered with the following professional bodies: