Supervision fulfils different needs and purposes throughout the changing work-life of the counsellor or psychotherapist. I see supervision as a creative enterprise led by a shared curiosity about relationships and the interaction between conscious and unconscious worlds. I offer supervision to trainee and accredited therapists and counsellors of all modalities from my own psychodynamic and Jungian perspective. I also accompany those working in listening or pastoral roles such as ministers of religion or any role in which the aim is to provide emotional, social or spiritual support.

Work can be done in person, at my consulting room in Richmond, South-West London, or online via Zoom.

Please contact me to arrange occasional or on-going sessions.

Supervision fees will be discussed when you first get in touch.

Since every individual is a new and unique combination of psychic elements, the investigation of truth must begin afresh with each case, for each ‘case’ is individual and not derivable from my preconceived formula…We miss the meaning of the individual psyche if we interpret it on the basis of any fixed theory, however fond of it we may be.

C. G. Jung